A Happy Post Not About Covid-19 – Playing For Change

I got introduced to “world music” at a young age. I must have 14 or 15 when I got a record by an African group called Osibisa. It’s a beautiful thing to hear how music travels from one country to another and back again. Even in ancient times, my own Celtic ancestors must have traded sounds as they moved across Europe and into the islands now called Britain and Ireland.

In the early part of this current century an American musician was also tracing musical routes and subsequently revived Cuban music with the movie and CD The Buena Vista Social Club. Which brings me to this post about a brilliant offshoot I’ve just found while reading a Cuban news website. A musical project called Playing for Change.

Click image to see this great video, a re-release of the Cuban song “Chan Chan” played by musicians around the world and produced by PFC, Playing For Change.

You cannot watch this video and not smile when Teté Garcia Caturla takes a verse and hips start swinging.

The production quality is outstanding and the cause is inspiring. Please share this post with all your friends who love music and travel.

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