A Most Unusual Tour

The oldest Christian country in the world. The oldest wine producing region, over 10,000 years with cellars over now for over 1000 years. An integral part of the Silk Road. Open and welcoming for travellers. Can you guess the destination of this most unusual tour?

The Armenia and Georgia tour is one of the more unique tours I’ve seen and when digging into it, it is a great bargain too. With prices starting at CAD $4195 for 14 days (2022-23 dates) it comes in at about $400 pp/day. (Ask me to check sales for you – for a limited time you can travel on the Aug 27, 2022 trip for CAD $3795 pp.)

This 14 day small group tour starts in Yerevan and travels through Armenia and Georgia. This region is truly on the cross roads of the ancient silk route that Marco Polo travelled. See detailed trip notes here.


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