Adventure Food Tours Europe, Morocco & the Middle East

Foods have travelled all around Europe, Morocco and the Middle East in the Mediterranean basin over thousands of years. The Iberian peninsula is only a short hop across the Straits of Gibraltar and was ruled at various time by Islamic Moors from North Africa who brought art, education, architecture and foods that today we think of as Spanish. This incredible region is a charm to explore with your taste buds on an assortment of trips including Portugal, Northern Spain and Morocco (below) with Intrepid.

a narrow hallway
Chefchaouen Morocco, Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Further east find Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, regions that beg intrepid explorers to shed their natural inclinations to fear trying the unknown. You will find that food is the universal mediator that breaks down barriers and opens hearts. We have tours to these places as well but for now, sample a couple of Intrepid videos that will spice up your appetite.

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