Cancellations in Times of Covid-19: Why don’t you just give me my money back?

This article was originally published by The Cayuga Collection, a sustainable, luxury lodging management firm with properties in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. Read how they are dealing with cancellations in times of covid-19 and a Zero Occupancy situation.

The month of March 2020 will be remembered as the month that the world stopped traveling. Borders closed, airlines grounded their planes, cruise ships docked and the tourism industry imploded. Every day brought a new change or rule, enacted for the greater human good but with devastating effects on the global economy, particularly for the fields…

Cancellations in Times of Covoid-19: Why don’t you just give me my money back? — Cayuga Collection

In line with many travel suppliers Cayuga offers quite flexible options for rebooking at a future date. If you have any queries regarding any bookings with us, please email or phone.

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