Cuba Intrepid Small Group Tour

We went to Cuba for the first time and spent nearly three weeks travelling all around and, it turns out, we only managed to scratch the surface. This island is my new best friend and we’ll be back many times in the future. This Cuba Intrepid tour video gives you one sense of the country that is fun, fascinating and friendly. Cuba is also one of the safest places to travel in Latin America.

You still have to be careful with things like the tap water but, fortunately, the inventive Cubanos have a very satisfactory solution.  They make it from fermented cane sugar molasses. Just like the beautiful people of the island it comes in light, medium and dark. They call it vitamin “R”.

Tours are a great way to explore Cuba because beyond Havana, the beach resorts and nearby attractions, it is challenging to get around. Car free is care free in Cuba. The tour below is one I recommend for first time travellers.

There’s two types of these tours: you can take a group trip with a set departure like this Cuba Intrepid one, or I can set up a private tour for you that goes where you want, when you want with a driver/guide or both. Good experiences either way.

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