Cuba Small Group Tours Exodus

Cuba small group tours offer great options for anyone seeking a little sun and fun with a twist of lime in your mojito. There are convenient flight schedules to Havana with both Air Canada and WestJet making a trip to Cuba an excellent choice for a winter sun tour.

This short video takes you on a quicky tour of an island as warm as its people. It is a favourite for Canadians more Canadians are taking tours to see what’s really going on in Cuba away from the resorts.

These tours appeal to all ages so a nice mix of people. There is another blog post on my site with another video as well. You can see it here.

Cubans are exceptionally friendly and you’ll find even a modicum of Spanish opens up many new conversations with them. For example, we were visiting the Basilica of San Francisco de Asissi in the Plaza de San Francisco in Havana and struck up a conversation with one of the ladies working there. We were joking around about the beautiful old pipe organ and she said “You can sing here if you want”. Alanna said, only if she joined us. She self consciously posed for a photo and grinned endearingly afterwords.happy docent at catedral san francisc havana

Workers like this in Cuba are paid low wages by the state, but also have access to free food, health services, dental and very affordable housing, so the basics of life are looked after. This creates a sense of well being, but not wealth. Many Cubans are looking forward to a shift into some privatisation to help bring in more of the “nice to haves” of the material world. I sincerely hope that they do not make a full conversion to capitalism as Cuba is unique in the world in bringing about near 100% literacy and long life expectancy by successfully raising up the standard of living of the poorest people. Children are especially well cared for and women’s emancipation has been heralded around the world. Read this article on the Huffington Post.

To explore more Cuba, order some brochures from the order page and just put a note that you are interested in Cuba.

You can also check out this story about the option of private tours that we can get set up for you. Contact me here for more info and a free price estimate.

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