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We go a long way back with Exodus Travels. Starting with the overland trips from London to Katmandu and Capetown to Nairobi and Nairobi to Morocco, this company is in it for the long haul. Those overland trips are now gone, replaced by today’s leading active and adventure travel destinations and activities.

Exodus Travels offer over 500 tours, guided groups, self guided walking and cycling trips, and tailor-made tours.

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Exodus Travels – Guided Groups

Guided small group explorations is how the company began back in the 1970’s. They are still the most popular program style that they run out of a total of over 500 tours. The long haul overland trips have given way to shorter trips, no less interesting, but expanded into more variety than just camping tours. Now days there are guided groups with walking, cycling, small ship cruising, safaris, diving, wildlife watching, and cultural discoveries. There are themes like food adventures and island hopping. There are even still some longer trips available too like the Imperial China and Yangtze River Cruise or Capetown to Victoria Falls, 19 and 20 days each.

There is always a well versed tour guide whose role is to make sure that people get the very most out of their trip by managing the logistics of a tour sometimes in unpredictable circumstances. They also impart their personal insights into the culture and the destination the group is traveling in.

The small groups are 8 to 16 people.They come from all over the world and form the social fabric of each tour. They tend to be like minded souls, each with a desire to explore, discover and learn about new lands, the people, and their culture. And because the groups are small, they get to visit places and have experiences that are closer to ground level like eating in tiny street cafes owned by family entrepreneurs in Vietnam or sighting gorillas or scarlet macaws in the wild.

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