Free Tour and Travel Booking Service

Use our human powered free tour and travel booking service to guarantee you get what you want. No extra booking fees now or ever. No deposits or payments due until you’ve accepted our proposal.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Best Available Prices

Clever advertising can make low priced packages and tours look amazing. Sometimes they really are. But it’s also easy to be goaded into making rushed decisions. This is not a good way to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. As advisors we provide a complete review of all pricing by looking at the full picture, not just the published price. Make an informed choice and feel confident knowing what you are buying.

Live Q and A Service

We are your live service, as opposed to dealing with chat-bots and really frustrating call centres. We know our products and our destinations. Try it out. Make an appointment or set up an online video call together.

A Detailed Proposal With Inclusions Listed

Once we have a full idea of your dreams and desires, we’ll put together a fully detailed proposal for you before you commit to buying.

We Help Manage Changes and Cancellations

Life changes and so do plans. There is a labyrinth of rules to cancel or change reservations. Not only will we give you the information on main rules before you commit, we will help you after if you do need to make changes – even if you are already away on your trip.

Supply You With Updates to Routing or Schedule Changes

Likewise with your personal plans, travel suppliers also have to deal with factors like weather and road conditions which can cause unavoidable changes in their scheduling. We’ll stay on top of changes and update you as needed. And if you give us permission we’ll automatically take care of making the changes needed with that supplier or any other that might be affected on your trip.

A Local Contact At Home and Away

When you book travel with us, you’ll have access by phone, email or text. Your important friends and family will also be able to contact us if need be and we will know where you are and the best way to reach you if need be.

This is all part of our free tour and travel booking service.

Protection For Unforeseen Risks

With our comprehensive travel insurance you get more than just out of country medical. When bad weather makes you late or a change at work forces you to change your plans, there is protection. When sickness abroad forces you to isolate or repatriate, we can help cover you. Our policies are designed by professionals who also love to travel.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

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