G Adventures – A World of Good

G Adventures opens up a world of travel opportunities, especially for Canadians. They have a breadth of tours that is astounding.

From budget trips for youth to classic safaris and gorilla treks, from Burgundy river cruises to boats up the Mekong in Vietnam and even trips to polar regions north and south. But G has positioned itself as a company with a bigger mission than just operating tours.

Their message is, when you travel with G, you are also giving back to the people that host you in their country. The video captures a bit of that.

They stand behind their word by being the only company I know that submits their tours to a Ripple Score measurement. This tool rates how well they do in retaining money in the host regions. Every tour is rated.

G Adventures is a Canadian company and they promote their tours tirelessly. That means there is always something happening whether it’s a percent discount, a dollars off or a last minute sell off.

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