Helping Peruvian Guides During Covid-19

Covid has been a blow to many people here in Canada. But it breaks your heart to learn just how devastating it has been for people in tourism in countries like Peru that have been shut down since March 2020.

My colleagues in Cusco, Paul Cripps and Carol Thomas have been operating many different outdoor trips for over 15 years and while they have been able to obtain funding to keep their business alive, the freelance Peruvian guides that work for them have not. The Peruvian government has little to no support for them.

To survive, some of Paul’s guides have started new ventures like small scale organic farming to support themselves and sell extra produce. Some have started bakeries and there are other small scale enterprises. But they need assistance to help make their ventures succeed.

Paul has helped them each with business plans to make sure they are set up for success. He’s also helping to raise the small amounts of capital they’ll need with GoFundMe pages.

If you are interested to see the projects and possibly want to help out with a small or large donation, I know it will make a difference. You’ll see that most of the funding for them has come from the UK where Paul is from and from where most of their tour guests come from. But we’ve had several groups and individuals from Canada so I am helping out by sharing Paul’s project with anyone in my social media universe.

This is micro business funding. It’s direct. No NGO’s. No one is taking a cut. It is just an appeal to help out some real people that have enriched the lives of visitors to their land and who can’t wait to get back to that work again as soon as travel can resume.

In Paul’s Words

Here, in Peru, thanks to Covid19, the 2020 tourist season was a total washout.

As a company, Amazonas Explorer is fine and we are working through the protocols for a full reopening of ground operations shortly. When the times comes for your clients to travel to Peru again, you can rest assured, we’ll be ready.
Life is not so good for our freelance guides. The Peruvian government has provided little or no financial help and with no work for most of 2020, they are struggling to feed their families and pay the rent.
Following the success of our Gofundme porter food parcel project, we’ve shifted our attention to how we can help them.
Using the principle “Give a man a fish, he’ll have food for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll have food for life”, we’ve asked our guides to submit business plans and costings to help them reinvent themselves and in turn, we’ve offered to help raise seed money for each of their projects

So far, 13 guides have submitted proposals to help expand production on businesses they started during the state of emergency in Peru. Their ideas are accessible, proactive and have staying power post Covid.

Paul Cripps

Want To See Things With A Close Up View?

Peru should be on your bucket list and it is slowly opening up. You can help kickstart tourism and you will have the adventure of a lifetime if you are thinking of trekking or touring there in 2021. Insurance is now available to cover the financial risk of contracting Covid, so if your inner adventurer is intrigued, contact us and we can outline some options for you when things start up again.

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