“High Mileage, Runs Well”- Intrepid Premium

Just because you’ve packed some miles on the old frame doesn’t mean you’ve packed it in. There is a whole world of travel awaiting you as an experienced traveller. (Watch the video. Just had clients in Peru, a place you have to see with you own eyes. A small premium group is perfect.)

Please note that as of September 1, 2021 all Peregrine Adventures were rebranded as Intrepid Premium. The same commitment to high quality, just more adventures to choose from. Peregrine joined the Intrepid family in 2012.

Intrepid Premium Adventures are premium style holidays that include activity in small groups, adventure cruising, foodie trips all in a style that appeals to people who may have maybe haven’t looked at “group tours” seriously before. The tours are laid back with only 12 people or less. But something that you’ll also find is that these tours are extremely well priced in the Premium category. They let you travel with a high level of comfort, without pandering to glitz. They do provide the comfort that you’d probably buy yourself.

Keep in mind that I can also offer you a customised private guided or self guided type trip. Contact me and ask for info on taking a trip like this.

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