Hollywood Slow Surprise

We spent a morning walking around Hollywood and found this wonderful Sunday farmer’s market. Located off Hollywood Blvd south on Ivar Ave, this is a must visit for anyone looking for a little of the authentic in the land of the  hype and glitz.

Many of the farm producers come quite long distances to get to this market and it seems to pay off as by closing time at 1:00, many stalls were selling off the last straggling bits of produce.

There was plenty of organics to be had and, with the warm California sun, mid-June showed lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.

We really slathered at the aroma of the street foods as we had developed a taste for pupusas during trip to Nicaragua a few years back. These thick corn tortillas are filled with cheese, or a tasty mix of cheese, beans and chicharon. They take a long time to prepare so are not usually served in fast food type takeaways.

Mushrooms of great variety were available as were large tables of fresh cut herbs to season.

You can also buy California olive oils at this market and they are fresh and aromatic. Some are infused with herbal flavours and that set us off in another trip to see the olive groves and pressing facilities.

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