India and Sri Lanka Food Tours

Wake up! Time for breakfast. Then it’s off to explore the spice markets, streets, castles, herb farms, back roads, and temples of today’s daily dive into real life in India and Sri Lanka.

I don’t know about you but this video almost makes me feel transported to some warm teeming, tropical city. Stepping outside first thing in the morning to mild humid air, smelling the water evaporating from the street after a local shop owner washes the dust away. Maybe catch a whiff of baking bread at a nearby bakery or some food being cooked in the kitchen of a tiny cafe next door.

This tour in India and Sri Lanka is really suited to anyone looking for the real deal, not filtered by too much separation from what is going on outside the hotel room or bus window.

Prices for food tours vary a lot depending on how much of that separation you want.

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