Iran with Intrepid

This is going to be difficult for a lot of people to digest but it strikes to the heart of why I think travel can be so much more than just a diversion from the daily grind. Iran with Intrepid.

This program by Intrepid is one of their women’s expedition series that bring women from different countries together. I won’t say that this is not a challenging proposition given the state of the world today. But I do think that reaching out to learn more about other cultures by personal experience creates small, but vital starting points to challenge stereotypes that block us from making progress.

Maybe Iran with Intrepid or the middle-east is not the place for you to start, but this video shows how taking steps to reach out can start to create extraordinary linkages and emotional bonds between people. We have much more in common with each other when we meet face to face.

If you are interested to join a trip for women sometime, please sign up for our blog updates or monthly e-newsletter as we will be featuring a small group tour for Canadian women soon.

Or if you have an interest in joining a public tour, please contact me here and I can provide some suggestions.

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