Is Green the new Black?

Hello fellow travellers, this is the first year I had ever heard of Green Friday. I think this is a great counter offer to the incredible hype that comes with Black Friday. Black Friday week/month, where the world goes on a silly shopping spree and sellers pound out even more products than we can even really consume. If you agree, why not consider buying something meaningful, instead of the airfryer? And get a deal too.

My friends in Peru got me into this by offering some alternate ways to spend your money that will also help local conservation efforts, support locally based people and also provide you with a more meaningful travel experience. For example, you may have been thinking of a river cruise.

Photography on the Madra De Dios River
Refugio and Posada Amazona River Boats – Rainforest Expeditions

Why not shake up your whole universe and go on an Amazon rainforest adventure where you ride along the river in a small transport boat to a naturaluxe lodge that has been named South America’s 2023 Green Hotel of the Year?

Massive Green Friday Discounts For A Limited Time

Or something else? Help tourism shift to be more sustainable by asking for sustainable choices when you travel.

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