Is Small Ship Adventure Cruising Sustainable?

I recall some of my first experiences in a cruise port city on big cruise day. I was warned “don’t buy anything on Thursdays because the prices go way up for for the cruise tourists.” And it’s not just cruises that cause problems. Whenever large influxes of tourists invade a small place at one time, it causes a lot of displacement.

I was reminded of this recently on a trip to Valladolid in Mexico when bus after bus arrived from Cancun and the Mayan Riviera on their way to Chichen-Itza. The effect on the locals is dramatic.

This type of “ice cream tourism” (where visitors only stop to buy ice cream) is the bane of many towns caught in the trap of having to provide facilities for tourists and only a small amount of real monetary return.

Intrepid Travel Group has confronted this question in the linked article previously published. Read more. Source: Is Small Ship Adventure Cruising Sustainable? – Worldwide Ecolodges, Agriturismos, and Nature Resorts

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