Mature Travellers

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Courtesy of Intrepid Premium (formerly Peregrine) Adventures

Mature travellers have been around. They know what they like and are realistic, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve lost the joy of experiencing new places, meeting new people. There’s good choices today for anyone looking for pre-planned trips whether with a group or on their own.

One Last Adventure?

Maybe one, maybe more.

Below are some samples of group and independent travels that are suited to mature travellers depending on tastes, budget, health and activity level.

Slow Travel in Slovenia

Predjama castle

A Land of Honey, Wine, and Dragons It is hard to imagine why this one little country has gone unnoticed… Continue reading

Just Barge Right In

River barging is a new/old way of travel slowly in some of Europe’s most interesting regions. One thing to know, they are definitely not to be confused with river cruises. Continue reading

Portugal Slowly

photo of Sintras, Portugal

Portugal makes for a fascinating country to visit with castles, and quaint villages, one of the world’s oldest universities, a great food culture a world class wine producing region and a people that are genuinely warm and welcoming. Continue reading

Spain Slowly

highilights of northern spain

See Spain slowly with guided, independent or mix and match tours. Luxuriate in quaint hotels and enjoy the tastes of northern Spain, or take to the streets from central hotels. Two types of touring for different experiences in your life journey. Continue reading

A Most Unusual Tour


The oldest Christian country in the world. The oldest wine producing region, over 10,000 years with cellars over now for over 1000 years. An integral part of the Silk Road. Open and welcoming for travellers. Can you guess? Continue reading

Self Guided Travel Takes Off

Remember backpacking? Hostels, dorms, hotels of questionable repute, carrying around your life in a pack, looking for places to sleep as an almost daily chore? Enter the adult version of backpacking. Continue reading

Walking Holidays in Portugal, Europe

boat on sea

Prices from $599pp CAD. Trekking and walking holidays can be enjoyed without a lot of frills and we have some great options if you’re more interested in the outdoors than the hotel star ratings. Self guided means pre-planned and prepaid, but no group or guide. Just you and the joy of walking. See selection. Continue reading

Premium Peru in Depth

This is a full 16 day tour of Peru for travellers seeking a small group experience (max 12 pax) in comfortable, unique accommodations. Continue reading

See Canada’s North by Small Ship Cruises

Canada’s North with a Canadian company. Small expeditions cruise ship encounters with the people, places and wildlife from Atlantic Canada to the high arctic. Continue reading

Blue Roads Touring, Premium Small Group Tours

white concrete structure with green and red plants

All Blue-Roads Tours are conducted at a comfortable, leisurely pace that allows you to soak up the atmosphere around you. ‘Fast’ is not our style, in terms of food and transport. We love winding, cobbled streets and rustic routes that lead to restaurants which ooze back-road charm. We handpick our hotels to make sure that they encapsulate the character of the place you’re exploring. Continue reading

Archeological Wonders of Jordan

Petra JOrdan

I heartily recommend you watch this live recording of a Zoom presentation that was attended by over 300 people around the world. Some spectacular photos of sites and a very good round up of how Exodus trips are run. Grab a coffee or tea and relax. Approximately 1 hour. Continue reading

Masai Mara and Gorillas – 15 Days

mountain gorilla photo

The Masai Mara, a vast grassland teeming with animals, has an astonishing amount and mixture of game, including lions, cheetahs and at certain times of the year, the wildebeest migration. Lake Nakuru National Park has an incredible variety of birds as well as a healthy population of White and Black rhinos while Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to hippos, elephants, buffalo, leopards and the elusive tree-climbing lions as well as a huge variety of birds. Murchison Falls National Park is one of the most impressive parks in Africa, renowned for its scenic beauty, spectacular falls and abundant wildlife, including elephants, buffalo, Ugandan kobs (antelope), leopards, and over 450 different species of birds. The highlight of the trip is undoubtedly an hour with Mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. This close-up encounter is arguably the most sensational wildlife experience of them all. Continue reading

Rainforest State of Mind in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica? I’d never say don’t see the Amazon or the Guatemalan rain forests. They are well worth visits,… Continue reading

Villas for Couples, Families and Friends

Nicaragua villa

Villas. Think private house somewhere exotic with 1 to 6 bedrooms that couples, families or friends could share. (Some can even come with housekeeping and cook staff.) They are the new way to travel and we can tailor make programs that fit you using our preferred selection of luxury villas. Continue reading

Rainforest River Cruise from Manaus, Brazil

Brazil is a low profile country for Canadians to visit. This is ending now that long standing international trade irritants… Continue reading

Tambopata Peru

Tambopata Peru

This is the ecolodge in Tambopata Peru that started our journey into the world of remote, natural destinations has continually kept true to the values of ecotourism Continue reading

Women’s Expeditions

Intrepid women's expeditions

Women’s travel has been happening for a long time, but in the last few years more companies have started coming… Continue reading

Adventure Cruising Croatia

Adventure Cruising

What is Adventure Cruising like? This video from the Croatian crew tells all about the ease and relaxation of taking… Continue reading

Premium Adventures-It’s About Time

Peregrine Adventures Its About Time

Please note that as of September 1, 2021 all Peregrine Adventures are branded as Intrepid Premium. The same commitment to… Continue reading

A Galapagos Encounter

Please note that as of September 1, 2021 all Peregrine Adventures are branded as Intrepid Premium. The same commitment to… Continue reading

Cuba Small Group Tours Exodus

dancing cuba small group tours

Cuba small group tours offer great options for anyone seeking a little sun and fun with a twist of lime… Continue reading

Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast Close Up

amalfi coast

Enjoy a new look at the world with an Exodus holiday. Continue reading

Afternoon Tea Walk In Kenya

tour a tea plantation in Kenya

Kenyan tea is typically a robust tea that loves milk and sugar. Along with other African teas, it is not… Continue reading

“High Mileage, Runs Well”- Intrepid Premium

peregrine traavels

Just because you’ve packed some miles on the old frame doesn’t mean you’ve packed it in. There is a whole… Continue reading

Travel Better, Small Ship Cruises

small ship adventure cruising

Many years ago I started including small ship cruise tours in my tours to the tiny and magnificent ports and inlets… Continue reading

National Geographic Journeys

From the iconic name associated with exploration, science, and discovery, come National Geographic Journeys operated by Canada’s own adventure company,… Continue reading

Premium Style Adventures For Experienced Travellers

After years of independent travel on their own, many experienced travellers have discovered the pleasure of touring with a small… Continue reading

Otavalo Highlands Ecuador

Otavalo market clothes photo

When you visit Ecuador, you will most likely want to go to the Otavalo market. Otavalo is an indigenous and… Continue reading