New Tour Sale Listings

Just in case you have not been on the website recently, you will be happy to see we’ve added a data feed of new tour sale listings from Intrepid for anyone who can travel with short notice. The page has a menu heading called Tours on Sale so it’s easy to find. Keep coming back to see what shows up. There are lots of tours, mostly cultural, adventure, food and active.

You can link right from here. Note that they are best viewed on a desktop browser. You may have to rotate view horizontally on your mobile device to get the whole table in view.

It’s important to call or email on these to learn more as they are from random style categories (Basic, Original, Comfort) to make sure the style suits you. Prices are all great.

You will need to check with us to get a great airfare too since late booking tours require full payment and you will want to be sure you can get there. These tours also require you to have to proof of travel insurance to join as well. We can help you with choosing a policy that’s acceptable to them.

Also check the side bars for other sale programs that are offered and have a look on our FCI site for even more.

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