Peregrine Adventure Cruising Croatia

What is Peregrine Adventure Cruising like? This video from the Croatian crew tells all about the ease and relaxation of taking a small ship. When I was interviewing the Peregrine sales rep Rino Falvo last week he told me that the adventure cruises were to give a choice to people who wanted a stay put type of vacation without the packing and unpacking. The whole experience of small ship adventure cruising is about seeing the world with a small group.

The small ship experience is just starting to catch on in with travellers and for good reason. It’s one more way to explore the world with closer 1 to 1 travel experiences.

You can order a full Peregrine brochure of destination on this website, view other related destinations like the Galapagos and many others.

Contact me here to get more information or make a booking.

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