Popularity of Ecotourism in Mexico is on the rise – Riviera Maya News

ecotourism adventure with exodusCancun, Q.R. — Ecotourism in Mexico is a growing industry  with new figures showing nearly 25 percent of visitors choose at least one eco-activity while in the country.

It is estimated that of the total international travelers who arrived in Mexico last year, almost 25 percent participated in at least one eco-activity related to ecotourism or nature tourism.

The figures were released by the Ministry of Tourism, which noted the state of Quintana Roo also had a great ecotourism presence as a destination over the last year.

In Mexico, there are 181 Protected Natural Areas which equates to 13 percent of the country, making Mexico second in the world with the most protected ecosystems.

Source: Popularity of ecotourism, nature activities on the rise in Mexico – Riviera Maya News

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