Premium Style Adventures For Experienced Travellers

After years of independent travel on their own, many experienced travellers have discovered the pleasure of touring with a small group of like-minded people

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The most wonderful thing about these trips are that the trade offs that most people think they are making turn out to be far more to their advantage than they imagined. The adventures are still there, the remote locations and real experiences just as enjoyable. What makes these trips so much more satisfying to the experienced traveller are the social dimensions.

You travel with people who also love this type of travel and who have had many of the same experiences as you. Real bonds forms between guests who often become life long friends and future travel companions. There’s more fun at meal time and a certain degree of looking out for one another. There is also the guide, who is your goldmine of information, your interpreter, your liason, and your logistics manager.

It’s just less stress than winging it on your own.  You don’t have to hunt for a place to stay, a way to get to that fantastic canyon or spice market (and back), missing the bus (or plane or train) to the next overnight stop, and on and on.You get to absorb the experience in real-time, not worrying about the things that preoccupy an independent traveller’s mind.

The pricing of these trips is very attractive as well. They use comfortable, safe, unique properties, but the accommodations are not the focal point. They serve the purpose of the trip and the composition of the groups who tend to be older people who value authenticity over ostentation. Grand in some cases, but not grandiose.

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