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It all started with private bespoke tours to Peru for a Spanish language school group out of North Carolina in 1998. The teacher was Peruvian and she really wanted to take some of her students to Peru to immerse them in amongst native Spanish speakers.  It was a successful tour and she repeated it every few years. Since then we have created programs in almost all parts of the world for many types of businesses and organizations like universities, schools, alumni, faith groups,  natural history clubs, seniors groups, ESL students and many more.

Private Tours and Vacations for Two (or more)

I first took a private guided tour myself in Costa Rica and it opened my eyes to what was possible to offer people.

I loved that I could get my driver/guide to stop and look at things, and that he was also able to speak to me about what was going on around us as we travelled. Rather than tour commentary, we had conversations.

So I started to offer customized tours for couples, or often 2 couples travelling together. Since then, I’ve helped people realize their dreams like seeing penguins up close, hiking the Andes, or walking the vineyards of Mendoza and staying at small boutique hotels, African safaris, ski trips, and more.

Custom tours, for groups or individuals are all competitively priced. In 2017 we joined Independent by Flight Centre to better serve clients with a wider range of tours.

steps in tour planning
  1. We talk by phone or Skype and we mainly listen, possibly make some suggestions right off the bat. We also talk budget and timing.
  2. We then  collaborate on the itinerary and then set up the details. We do all the planning and research to make your tour both satisfying and practical. We say practical because sometimes what works in your mind, does not work in practice. (For example, some old city streets are so narrow, you cannot get to a preferred hotel with a bus, etc)
  3. We agree on a tour and set the booking process in motion. Collate all the information on terms and conditions, deposit and final payment schedule, outline any requirements such as mobility, visa, insurance etc. Set up the tour.
  4. Final payments are processed. Pre-tour info is sent with documentation you might need. You depart, have a great time, and we do a quick evaluation.

First Step-Contact

Please set up an appointment here to discuss your ideas and decide on your best course. Or send me an email.

*(Bespoke is an old English word that once used by tailors who created made to measure clothing. It is now commonly used by tour planners to refer to custom designed and operated tour and vacations.)

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