Rainforest River Cruise from Manaus, Brazil

Brazil is a low profile country for Canadians to visit. This is ending now that long standing international trade irritants have been solved. It’s now possible to see this amazing country without an expensive and hard to get visa.

I’ve been three times to Brazil and barely scratched anything, but a good place to start is here in the heart of the Amazon, the capital city of the state, Manaus.

It’s worth a visit on its own to view the colonial heritage buildings from the era of incredibly rich, and probably ruthless, rubber tree barons.

This short video takes you on a short journey, a long way’s away into the heart of the Amazon by a small river cruise ship. Truly a visit for anyone’s bucket list and a great way to comfortably experience the world’s largest and endangered rain forest. You’ll also see the world’s largest river system and the incredible variety of wildlife, plant life and river dwellers, including the local inhabitants.

Come visit, see Brazil for your self because life is still an adventure.

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