Rainforest State of Mind in Costa Rica

You know we all love beaches, but Costa Rica is really worth taking a trip off the grid to experience a rainforest. This short video from Exodus shows the lovely sites that everyone going to Costa Rica should see, even if they are just going on a surfing trip, an all inclusive, or a standard beach holiday. Exodus is one of a few companies that I’d recommend for cycling tours as well.

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Why Costa Rica? I’d never say don’t see the Amazon or the Guatemalan rain forests. They are well worth visits, but Costa Rica is an ideal place for a first time off beach traveller. The services are highly developed with excellent, well trained guides and good accommodations. The touring vehicles are generally in excellent shape and you can cover most of the country by land allowing you to see a lot in short period. You can also take amazing small aircraft flights over the rainforest canopy instead of land travel and prices are quite reasonable but your luggage size and weight is very restricted. The last thing I’d say is that the people are very friendly and peaceful, though that can be said of a number of Latin American people.  Just go.

Here’s how.

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