Seaweed Regeneration with Intrepid Foundation

There is no denying that the climate is changing and the world’s oceans are rapidly warming. The Intrepid Foundation’s website states, “Today’s youth will live in a world where droughts, heat waves, and hurricanes become more extreme; rising sea levels displacing communities will be the norm. Solutions to reverse climate change exist, but we all need to take action and embrace them.” One such solution uses seaweed regeneration.

Oceans absorb most the the sun’s radiation. When they start to warm up the habitats they support, from coral reefs to seaweed beds suffer. These systems are collapsing rapidly but there is a hopeful project being supported by the Intrepid Foundation. It will regenerate fast growing seaweed to help balance the production of green house gases and provide habitat. Watch this amazing video to learn how seaweed regeneration can help the oceans more quickly offset the temperature changes now taking place.

Join us in the fight against climate change.

“Intrepid Family Holidays have always been about epic adventures that educate the next generation of responsible travellers. We care about making the planet more sustainable for the future and we know our travellers do too. But now, we want to step it up a notch by donating 40% of profits from every Family Holiday we sell between now and June 2019 to the marine permaculture project. You and the kids could be seeking out turtles in Borneo, exploring the Amazon Jungle in Peru or learning about endangered rhinos in Kenya – while helping to tackle climate change.”

You can also help with donations to the Intrepid Foundation directly or you can help indirectly by travelling with Intrepid Travel on a small group tour.

Check out our Tours on Sale for last minute sale trips or contact me at my Flight Centre Independent office to help take part in this. Mention this video and I’ll give you a $25 discount (off your next Intrepid trip) that you can donate to the Intrepid Foundation for this seaweed regeneration project. Intrepid Travel will match your donation dollar for dollar. The goal is to reach $350,000.

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