Self Guided Travel Takes Off

Remember backpacking? Hostels, dorms, hotels of questionable repute, carrying around your life in a pack, looking for places to sleep as an almost daily chore? Enter the adult version of backpacking.

Amalfi Coast

Self guided tours have actually been around a long time but they are now reaching a point of high popularity as people rediscover the joys of travel in a post pandemic world. Self guided travel is also reaching new travellers who want to enjoy a pre-planned walking or cycling trip without the benefit of a full-time guide. Here’s why.

  1. You can start your trip anytime, subject to availability of services and suitability of environmental conditions.
  2. It is more personal. You have can travel at your own speed and stop at points of interest that you want.
  3. You don’t have to lug around a backpack or luggage. Nothing except your daily needs, water, snacks, spending money, etc. Bags are transferred separately from one lodging to the next for you as a part of the service.
  4. Prices are more flexible than group tours. You can request different types of accommodation and have more or fewer prepaid meals in the trip.
  5. Experienced travellers often prefer self guided travel. They are comfortable on their own and can deal with language differences and enjoy a bit more ambiguity at times.
  6. There is always a back stop on self guided tours with a local contact or host you can call if you need assistance.

In short, self guided travel is a leap beyond backpacking. Here are a few good places to start.

Amalfi Coast, Portugal, Tuscany, Ireland, Spain, Scotland, France, and many more.

We help you customize self guided walking or cycling holidays in many places around the world.

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