Slow Food Travel and Tours

Do you seek out farmers’ and food markets when you travel?   Are you smitten with the freshness of farm to table foods? How about gardening and growing some of your own food? Do you enjoy learning about the origins of foods, the people and the cultures that created them? Slow Food Travel and Tours is special selection of tours that celebrate food in the slow lane.

Cuba and the Farm to Table Revolution

mogotes near vinales cuba

Cuba invites the world to visit its fantastic white sand beaches. But for those with a nose for places beyond the thin coastal rim, there is a fascinating land and people. Just don’t go for the food – or so we were told. Continue reading

Blue Roads Upscale Small Group Tours

back roads culinary

Back Roads are Now Blue Roads Blue Roads Touring Company* offers a distinctly different type of small group touring experience than most small group tours. It seems that the small… Continue reading