Notes From a Slow Travel Convert

George the well seasoned tavellerI did not begin as a slow travel maker. I started my career in the classic tour and travel industry many years ago and, like so many of us in the business, I’ve never lost my love of travel. As I’ve gotten older, my tastes have changed from trying to see and experience everything, to savouring the moments of travel. And I actually mean savouring. I love food.

I am also a gardener and grew up in farming country and have a tremendous respect for the inventiveness of people who grow plants and care for animals.

Somewhere along the line I ran across the slow travel concept and it was like Paul on the way to Damascus.

So, that’s what this sub-website is all about:food and travel; culture and people.

I’ll tell you stories of many places I’ve enjoyed food, met people making food, or learned about the origins of foods, growing food, and how foods are prepared.

From time to time I’ll be inviting you to come along with me on a trip to explore some interesting locales where you’ll be able to see, hear, smell, taste and touch foods in real life.

But in the meantime, if any of these stories inspire you to travel on your own or with a group, let me tell you a bit more.


Great trips are made by people, not by clicks. Like slow travel, it’s about making the connection with people that makes the journey. I am an independent tour specialist  and I’d love to help you explore the world of food.

If you’d like to contact me, you can find me here.

Good travels and I hope you enjoy this new category.

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