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Welcome to the Slow Traveller. Meet people with a love of food: makers and growers, markets and sellers, cooks and creators.

Intrepid Indian Food Tours for a slow traveller
Tastes from India and Sri Lanka

Many cultures around the world have a strong tradition of honouring guests who visit from afar and celebrate with them in dining together. Sharing food together probably breaks down more barriers and makes more connections, than any other human activity.

I am a slow traveller myself. I have given up the big resorts to my younger days and found a true joy in meeting people who are passionate about creating bridges between people. Food and travel are a fantastic meeting point.

There are great people and places to explore here in North America too from the Acadians in New Brunswick to their Cajun cousins in the bayous of Louisiana.

I hope you enjoy the stories and videos I’ve composed or collected. If you too would like to experience a new world of slow travel and help me support a better way to travel, please reach out.

Slow traveller wine tasting Los Olivos

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