Travel Better, Small Ship Cruises

Many years ago I started including small ship cruise tours in my tours to the tiny and magnificent ports and inlets of south-east Alaska. These cruises are still magnificent. But small ship cruising has really come into its own.

See this video from Cruise video blogger Gary Bembridge

Below is a sample of an adventure cruising experience that is at the smallest end of cruising, or for what Gary refers to as “port intensive”.

Small ship cruising is a different kind of glam than big ships. It’s more of an exclusivity that comes with travelling with people who have made a conscious decision to be more sustainable. You’ll make stops at smaller more interesting ports and have time to explore them. Eat at local restaurants, meet people, see real life and participate in the local economy. The visitor experience is also enhanced for many reasons: no line ups, welcoming locals, really authentic encounters and less of that feeling that you are being hustled.

On board you’ll be with a small group of people from many places. Make new friends and enjoy the company of like-minded people who selected this type of travel for the same reasons as you: the love of travel.

Where can you travel on port intensive cruises? Galapagos Islands, Croatian Coast, Greek Islands, Alaska’s Inside Passages, Costa Rica, Panama. But another really slow travel type experience is river barge cruises.

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