Exodus Travels-Active Adventure Tours

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We go a long way back with Exodus Travels. Starting with the overland trips from London to Katmandu and Capetown to Nairobi and Nairobi to Morocco, this company is in it for the long haul.… Continue reading

“High Mileage, Runs Well” or Retired from Work, Not Life

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Just because you’ve packed a few miles on doesn’t mean you’ve packed it in. There is a whole world of travel awaiting you as an experienced traveller. Check out this great video from Peregrine,…. A… Continue reading

Not Your Typical Tuscany with Exodus

Stones crunch under your boots as you negotiate the trails in Northern Tuscany. The grand vision unfolds and there before you is the panorama of lush hills and wild rocky cliffs. The trail leads back to your mountain guest house called an agriturismo  for its connection to the land, and its bounty. A glass of red awaits. At the forefront of adventure and active travel in the 1970’s Exodus leads the way in cycling, hiking, trekking and multi-active tours across the globe.Tuscany is just one of dozens of destinations waiting for you to explore, on guided or self guided adventures with Exodus.

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Premium Style Adventures For Experienced Travellers

After years of independent travel on their own, many experienced travellers have discovered the pleasure of touring with a small group of like-minded people   Contact us to get tour brochure. The most wonderful thing… Continue reading