Taste of Japan

I think that we’ve all become quite comfortable with the type of Japanese food served outside Japan, so wouldn’t it be great to actually experience a taste of Japan as it is truly made in its land of origin? This great little video from Intrepid shows some tempting highlights.

In my work profile I used to talk about a show on Netflix called Midnight Diner that takes place in Japan. I said that the show opens with the diner chef saying he will make you anything your want as long as he has the ingredients or you bring them. That’s pretty much my role, only as a custom vacation planner.

It is a kind of cool show with vignettes about the characters who frequent the diner. There is also a show called Samurai Gourmet which is lighter fare following the strange peregrinations of a retired CEO who gets to live out his dream of eating in favorite places, and meeting odd people as well.

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