The Women of Kilimanjaro

This Exodus video The Women of Kilimanjaro is about female porters in Kilimanjaro. It refutes the myths and stereotypes that limit women’s opportunities in many countries. Tanzanian women from small villages are well practiced in carrying loads and this is a way to earn money while doing so. Check out how an Olympian from the UK stands up to the daily work of portering loads at Kilimanjaro.

Flight Centre and Exodus are among the original group of companies that developed what we call adventure travel today. Things have changed a great deal since the 70’s. Today, we help drive the responsibility in the travel industry to employ all genders of people and by carefully treading so that the benefits of travel are shared by hosts and visitors alike.

Breaking Barriers: When Does a Tour Transcend Spectator Tourism?

There are other good examples of inclusiveness in travel with Intrepid’s women’s tours. Some of these explore areas where women travellers can meet other women in different cultures and mindsets.

Women many countries face barriers that are hidden from view, but are significant. Exodus have worked in Nepal to develop the Freedom Kit Program. This helps women maintain dignity and improves opportunities.

G Adventure’s business foundation called Planeterra provides capital support of many projects of things like airport transfers and other services operated by women in Delhi. Intrepid Travel has a number of programs to promote women in travel as well. These programs are not just feel good projects but achieve success in affecting positive changes for people.

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