Tiny Exclusive Tours

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Travel to over 130 destinations and take tours with local guides, travel by rail, local bus passes or even with your own driver. Stay in charming inns, sleek hotels, country homes and villas or well run bed and breakfasts. We’ll even get you special dinners with locals in their homes.

Going together with a couple of friends or family? Even better. Welcome to the world of tiny exclusive tours.

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What makes tiny exclusive tours different from any other tour?

A tiny tour is a completely rethought approach to tour planning, it’s constructed differently and priced differently. Standard small group tours are usually based on minimum group sizes of 10 or more.

Our price is based on a minimum of two people, so it can be a really tiny exclusive group. But, if 4 people, or 6 or 8 people travel together, we scale the prices per person down. How much? It really depends on what you want to do.

So, we’d really like to talk to you if have been wanting to travel and think you might have some friends or family that would like join you. Tell us where you’d like go and we’ll organise it all without you ever having to lift a finger.

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