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Tours In Europe for Independent Explorers

Independent Explorer Europe

A new branch of independent tours in Europe are about to take off. They are what you could almost call hop on, hop off tours made of segments that can be bolted together to create to your own personal preferences. Continue reading

India and Sri Lanka Food Tours

Intrepid Indian Food Tours

These tours in India and Sri Lanka are really suited to anyone looking for the real deal, not filtered by too much separation from what is going on outside the hotel room or bus window. The story teller in the video really captures the essence by saying that what happens on this trip (and really all group trips) takes place between the lines of the written itinerary. Continue reading

Artisan Travel Experiences

artisan weavers in Ecuador

Delve into the cultures of the world to see, learn and try what artisans of today create. Over the years we’ve helped people discover culture on group and private journeys… Continue reading

Himalayan Women’s Project with Exodus Foundation

himalay communities project

We have always taken the view that when you travel, wherever you travel and whatever you do when you travel, there is an exchange between the hosts and the visitors. Learn how we support Himalayan women’s projects by travelling with Exodus. Continue reading

Iles de la Madeleine and Prince Edward Island

The Iles de la Madeleine are populated with over 12,000 people who are largely descendants of French and English colonists and traders. The language of majority is French, but English is spoken. As a destination this is one of Canada’s surprising little gems that has yet to be visited by many tourists. The Islands have a strong artisan community and a fabulous food culture with seafood, locally made craft beers, wine and French style breads and pastries. Continue reading

A Happy Post Not About Covid-19 – Playing For Change

street musicians playing for change

Playing for Change is a musical project encompassing musicians from around the world. Continue reading

Iran with Intrepid

Intrepid Womens Expedition Iran

This is going to be difficult for a lot of people to digest but it strikes to the heart of why I think travel can be so much more than just a diversion from the daily grind. Iran with Intrepid. Continue reading

Oaxaca-Chocolate y Chiles

oaxaca food travels

If you love to travel and love Mexico’s foods, this trip in Oaxaca is a great starter recipe. Watch this video featuring Intrepid’s Real Food Adventure to see how much fun it can be as a group. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Tacos

taco tor in Mexico City

Search the origin of tacos online and you’ll be flooded with stories of silver mines and snacks. But here’s the real deal. Head out to the streets of Mexico city… Continue reading

Cuba by G Adventures

Cuba by G

Canadians love to travel but we do have our own preferences and quirks. And never let it be said that Canadians don’t like getting a good price. Read more here to learn how to get private package pricing for Canadians Only. See a short sweet video from Cuba with G Adventures. Continue reading