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Let’s Talk About Tacos

taco tor in Mexico City

Search the origin of tacos online and you’ll be flooded with stories of silver mines and snacks. But here’s the real deal. Head out to the streets of Mexico city… Continue reading

Cuba by G Adventures

Cuba by G

Canadians love to travel but we do have our own preferences and quirks. And never let it be said that Canadians don’t like getting a good price. Read more here to learn how to get private package pricing for Canadians Only. See a short sweet video from Cuba with G Adventures. Continue reading

Women’s Expeditions

Intrepid women's expeditions

Women’s travel has been happening for a long time, but in the last few years more companies have started coming out to offer their own brands of women’s only programs.… Continue reading

Peregrine Adventure Cruising Croatia

Adventure Cruising

What is Peregrine Adventure Cruising like? This video from the Croatian crew tells all about the ease and relaxation of taking a small ship. When I was interviewing the Peregrine… Continue reading

All inclusive vacations are more fun with G Adventures

Cuba vacation

Every year, frozen Canadians head south for the sun and you’d think we’d get bored with fly and flop vacations. Some of us have and discovered a way to have… Continue reading

G Adventures – A World of Good

g adventures world of good

G Adventures opens up a world of travel opportunities, especially for Canadians. They have a breadth of tours that is astounding. From budget trips for youth to classic safaris and… Continue reading

Peregrine Premier Adventures-It’s About Time

Peregrine Adventures Its About Time

Remember Why You Fell In Love With Travel? Peregrine Premier Adventures are designed for travellers who just want to keep travelling. I call them, experienced travellers. People who have reached… Continue reading

A Galapagos Encounter

There are only a few places on Earth left that are as untamed, yet so accessible as the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. See this video of one man’s experience. (See… Continue reading

Galapagos Up Close

Be intrepid this year and visit the Galapagos Up Close, one of the most fantastic destinations on the planet. Use the form below to request a phone call or an… Continue reading

Be Intrepid-A Call to Action

intrepid traveller

Some people are born to travel, others take it up later and find a life of meaning beyond their careers, family and social obligations. Travel inspires us to seek out… Continue reading