These are a few the virtual tours with local guides and experts online we have hosted. Prices for these range from free to nominal and are variable so if this interests you please contact us below.

Streets of Colonial Bahia de Salvador, Brazil ($15.00 per screen)

[su_spoiler title=”Ola, from Sayuri. Let’s take a walk in the streets of Salvador and learn about our little known history”]Even though Brazil is a big country with 220 million people and a sophisticated economy, few people know very much about our history and present day life. This virtual tour is a great opportunity to be introduced to Brazilian colonial history and focus on afro heritage. We will walk in the Old Town of Salvador – well know as Pelourinho – Unesco World Heritage Site since 1985.

Salvador, Bahia is a charming and important city, the first Capital of Brazil during Portuguese colonization. We are also considered the most African city in Brazil, therefore colorful, cultural, and musical.[/su_spoiler]

Live Virtual Tour La Familia Sagrada Insights, Barcelona, Spain (Our price $15. 00 pp)

[su_spoiler title=”Hello, my name is Maica and I am a local guide in Barcelona and will be your host for this digital tour.”]Started in 1882 and still under construction, Sagrada Familia is the most unique catholic church in the world. I will express my passion to the site and explain its past, its present and its future so you will realize the huge architectonic challenge it implies and will be amazed by the creative ingenuity of Gaudí who wanted to bring nature to humanity through architecture. Gaudí left it unfinished for future architects, sculptures and engineers to complete it. Artists from all over the world, including the Catalonian sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs, the Japanese sculptor Etsuro Sotoo or the architect Mark Burry from New Zealand, have participated to finish this masterpiece, which has been disrupted by the Civil War, and most recently the Covid-19 crisis. Boasting three facades, 18 spires and religious symbols carved into the architecture, the Sagrada Familia is a spectacular masterpiece of architecture and engineering with a bewitching beauty that is difficult to put into words.[/su_spoiler]

Sunday June 27, 2021 Castles, Kings and a Taste of Port. ($15.00 pp)

[su_spoiler title=”Greetings from Portugal. I’m Gloria and I will be your local guide for virtual Sintra and Porto”]This tour will take you through two fantastic sites Sintra, playground of royals and Porto where we can learn about Port wine tasting.

Sintra, the lush hilly town chosen by the Portuguese kings to spend their summer holidays hunting. Also names like Lord Byron would have a second residence there. This town is such a fairy tale, especially because of the romantic Pena Palace and the mysterious park and palace of Regaleira that you will get to know in detail.

Porto, on the other had, is washed by Douro river and it has a history of business which is quite incredible. Everyone knows Port wine? Let’s have a glimpse of its history and take a look at the boats that used to bring the wine for the aging in Gaia. The river front traditional fishermen tiled architecture, and an amazing air view tour on a drone of the Douro Valley vineyards, after which you can sample some Port wines I will suggest before hand.


Magical Madagascar with Primatologist Travis Steffens (FREE presentation by Exodus Travels)

[su_spoiler title=”Come see what Madagascar offers to curious travellers”]
Discover a bizarrely beautiful land of leaping lemurs, carnivorous plants, baobab trees, lunar deserts and beaches on this virtual safari through Madagascar led by Primatologist, Travis Steffens.
Truly a world unto itself, this eco-rich isle is home to exotic creatures found nowhere else on Earth! Led by Travis, you’ll journey through the cloud forest of Ranomafana National Park, enjoy a ‘night safari’ through the Andasibe Rainforest, marvel at the unique formations of Tsingy National Park, and meet a few of the 110 lemur species that live here.
Places on our virtual adventure taking place on Thursday, July 15 at 12pm EST are limited, so register today to make sure you don’t miss out. We can’t wait to see you for our virtual visit!

Thursday Nov 18, 2021, Archeological Wonders of Jordan With Archeologist and Birder Andrew Appleyard (FREE presentation by Exodus Travels.

[su_spoiler title=”Find out why Jordan is becoming such an important middle eastern destination.”]
Set before an intoxicating backdrop of rose-tinted cities, towering monolithic rockscapes, otherworldly lifeless seas & a myriad of spiritual sites lies Jordan’s lost civilizations. Watch ancient history come to life as you stroll through reminders of a bygone age in Jerash, explore the marvel that is Petra, float in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, search for treasures in bustling bazaars, or pamper your palette with delicious Levantine cuisine – Jordan is an adventure unlike any other and nobody knows that better than Andrew Appleyard.

Whether it’s leading some of Exodus’ very first tours to Jordan or digging up archaeological excavation sites all over the middle east, few travel experts are as knowledgeable and experienced as Andrew and you can rest assured he has some incredible stories to share from his time in Jordan as well as insider tips on the must-do experiences.

Joining Andrew for the journey is Exodus’ local Jordan guide, Muayad Mesmar. Having led tours to Jordan for 21 years, there’s nobody better suited to take you on this virtual adventure through the highlights of Jordan.

Spaces are limited, sign up now!

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