Valerie Parkinson, Woman of the Himalaya’s

The joy of exploration know’s no boundaries.

Valerie began her lifelong love of the Himalayas as a young traveller over 30 years ago. She has devoted her life to these mountains and their people and works as an Exodus guide.

She say’s she will keep walking in the mountains as long as her legs will take her and they have taken her a long way already. She truly is a woman of the Himalaya’s.

If being a guide isn’t enough, she is also a leading member of the Exodus Himalayan Community Projects. She was instrumental in the felting wool project that gives the people a second source of income besides hosting trekkers. It works well. They make authentic items of locally produced wool during the winter when fewer hikers are to be found.

These stories of women in travel show opportunities of how tourism businesses can initiate and support to demarginalise people. It also requires support from travellers that are conscious and perhaps willing to stray past their own boundaries.

We take our roles as travel advisors and occasional hosts seriously. We choose to represent only companies that show evidence of responsible travel and express similar attitudes to travel that we ourselves have.

I invite you to explore with us sometime. There are many different ways you can make your travel more engaging and inclusive such as adding on a tours to your “holiday” vacation to immersing yourself in a longer exploration. There are many price points, many styles from rustic to comfortable. You can see tours here that are on sale or if these do not quite fit your interest, why not request a free brochure?

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