Let’s Talk About Tacos

Can anything be more fun?

Search the origin of tacos online and you’ll be flooded with stories of silver mines and snacks. But here’s the real deal. Head out to the streets of Mexico city to sample tastes of one of the world’s most well known and savoury foods made to go.

It’s no secret that food and travel are hand in glove. Talk about one often leads to a memory of the other. (Right now I’m thinking about sitting at a beach side restaurant in Maztalan with the sun setting over Deer Island, the breakers rolling in and anticipating a plate of grilled shrimps with a cold glass of ….)

Actually Mazatlan was my first foray into the wide world of farmers’ markets, but that soon led to travels further afield in Mexico. Now many of my favourite food places have been lined up by Intrepid and other operators, but the first is the very heart of Mexico, CDMX, la ciudad itself.

Aimed at adults from about 35 to 60 something who have traveled before but looking for a little more fun than always doing things on your own. And like travel, food is best enjoyed in good company, so why not tweak a regular small group to be a bit foody?

This video is one a series from the Real Mexico Food Adventures by Intrepid. Enjoy them and look for tours that suit your times, or keep an eye on our sales. In the meantime, buen provecho.

For a detailed itinerary of this trip link here

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