Walking, Cycling, Hiking Holidays

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Welcome to the best walking, cycling, hiking holidays. We feature global brands and local operators, all carefully scrutinized for sustainable practices and responsible operations.

Things to Know

There’s 3 main types of walking, cyclng and hiking programs:

1. Guided small group tours (less than 18 people with average of 10 and set departure dates). Fun to travel with others who enjoy the activity.

2. Self guided fully serviced programs with local support (more flexible departure dates, subject to seasonal availability). Great for people that prefer to be more on their own.

3. Tiny exclusive tours. Private, any date, self, fully or partial guided, any duration, choice of activities subject to availability. These programs can be developed according to your interests, schedule and budget or we can pick an itinerary you like already and develop a private rate. They require more time to set up as we work with you to get the best fit and use local operations to deliver the services. Prices vary according to group size, min 2 pax up to 10.

The Other Important Details

Planning A Trip?

Planning a trip is almost as much fun as the actual travel. The anticipation, the discovery and the experience. It’s all wrapped up together. But travel is also organisation, budgets and details.

We source the best options based on your criteria, develop a total cost that fits in your budget and make sure you’re covered with the proper level of required insurance to take part in the activities.

Deposits and Guaranteed Departures or Not

We can advise you on the best programs regarding deposits, final payments, and the other terms and conditions

Deposits are required to secure any program. If you decide to cancel or change your dates, you may be subject to penalties, however some tours today offer totally transferable deposits. With these you can cancel your tour and your deposit will be held indefinitely so you can re-book at another time. Please contact us for advice on this.

Some tours only require a minimum of two people to guarantee a departure. These tours often use a lot of public transportation (trains, buses, airplanes) or require little transportation at all. However, many small group tours use a small van or mini-bus with a driver plus local guide and require a minimum number of people to make a tour operate. If they fail to get the minimum subscription number, they will ask you to change your date to another departure that is guaranteed to operate.

Self guided and tailor made are always guaranteed to operate subject to availability and local conditions. Please inquire directly with us.


Some group tours explicitly cater to certain age groups. Others leave it up to you to decide. Self guided and tailor made programs do not cater to any particular age group. Please contact us to get advice on this.

Solo Travellers

Many activity tours automatically room same sex singles together so there’s no single supplement. Some may not offer private single rooms at all. Please inquire on this.

Some tours, usually lightly active style, provide single rooms at no extra cost. These are fully dedicated solo only groups. Please contact us directly on these specialty programs.

Self guided and tailor made programs can be operated with a single person. There is no brochure so please contact us for advice on this.

Order Brochures Online

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An essential part of your travel planning.

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Below are some sample videos and posts from destinations to give some idea of product range and style but they are not the entire product line. We have over 200 programs in countries around the world. Use order form above to get most comprehensive details from pertinent brochures or contact us.

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