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50. It’s just a number. Or Is It?

The first job I got in the travel industry, I was well under 50. I worked for a coach tour company that had the tag line, “50 Plus are First With Us”. It was a bit of ageism back when that was more acceptable. I then started my own travel business named Tourworld Marketing selling custom tours and vacations. And, somewhere along the line I made it to that 50 plus number myself.

I thought it would be fun to focus on 50 not as an age, but as a number of experiences in travel. 50 countries, 50 cities, 50 states, 50 national parks, 50 beaches, 50 hikes, 50 rivers, 50 bike trips, 50 food adventures, 50 wildlife species, etc. That should keep anyone busy.

As a business, we have almost all the tours, vacations, cruises and airfares of a standard retail agency. But, we specialise in the specialties: active travel, learning, wildlife, art, culture, food and wine. We really understand tours and touring, with a group, on your own or with a few friends. That in fact is our real differentiation and why we can help choose, or make the best program possible.

Go With A Group, With A Friend or Two, Or Go On Your Own: Just Go!

The Fun in Touring

about Tourworld taco tour in Mexico City

Travelling with a group is fun. It really is. But not every moment of the tour has to be with a group. Today there are tours that give you quite a lot of time and space to experience things on your own, or just take a breather.

In fact lot of people take a mix of group and non-group tours on a single trip. There’s lots of benefits to both and so why limit yourself?

Here at Tourworld we represent a carefully chosen selection of really great travel and tour companies. Some you’ve possibly heard of while others are smaller, more specialized and mostly located right in the destination.

Private Travel Experiences

Yes, this video is me. (My hair isn’t really that grey, is it? ) I was visiting and they made this video. This little place is fairly easy to get to, but about a million miles away from the hustle of the Mayan Riviera and Cancun. Besides being a very interesting village where they make and sell hammocks and other items, they also have access to one of the best preserved Mayan archeological sites you can see anywhere.

about tourworld artisan travel exeriences

There are no pre-made packages here. Not enough travellers.

And that’s really the whole point. You don’t have to be limited just by what standard package tours offer. We offer you a lot more choice with our free travel planning services. See what you get here.

Single Travellers

Travelling as a single is really personal. And a lot of travellers happen to be singles or “solo”. A lot of people also hate the single supplement. I now have tours just for singles and I have tours that will automatically pair you up. Read more here.

Assurance with Tourworld

Booking with us Tourworld directly provides you with greater flexibility than the rigid, impersonal world of online booking, but also serves to help local businesses, at home and in the destination. We will cover off all the details you need to be aware of before you travel so you are prepared. We are also there to help you out during the trip if something occurs. And best of all, it’s free!

We are partnered with Independent by Flight Centre (IFC), one of Canada’s largest host travel companies. This helps us deliver not only great tours, but offer great pricing advantages, choice, great customer service and financial security. With IFC we are fully licensed to sell travel within all Canadian provinces and territories. And with our airfares, we can connect you anywhere.

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