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With literally thousands of tours and offers, there has never been a better time for touring. But ironically, this does not actually make choosing easier. There’s really too much on the internet, and too little in the way of getting to the root of what you are really comparing.

Are all tours made equal? Why are some much more expensive than others? What do you need to know  to choose the right tour company? Does booking direct get the best price? What happens if the tour company disappears with prepaid deposits? Reviews? Find a tour company with bad reviews. These are all things to think about.

This website, Tourworld, features articles about tours and destinations as well as a video collection and information from leading tour companies and independent specialists. We give you insight into the options available and have stories from our own travels as well as curated stories from other writers.

Tour Marketing and Distribution

Since 1998 we have been in the business of promoting tours through development of distribution channels and media. This involved everything from trade shows, travel agency distribution, travel agent training, destination marketing, tour wholesaling and retailing. Work has been with organisations such as Cardinal Travel Tours, Hanover Holidays, CIT Tours, and Travel Alberta. We began operating ecotourism programs in 2003 under the brand Worldwide Ecolodges. In 2017 we began working with Flight Centre Independent developing affinity groups and alternative channels of distribution for global tour brands and independent DMC’s. This website as a channel for content marketing is part of that work, with a lot behind the scenes.

Tour Management and Online Booking Software

In 2014 started working with Adventure Engine selling cloud based tour management systems with online booking capabilities.

Destination Software and Product Development

We have developed product and participated in destination development workshops in Brazil, Guatemala, and Canada. In 2016 began working with New Mind tellUs a major destination management software company based in the UK to help distribute their systems in the Americas. Major DMO’s  use this destination management software to stimulates longer stays by using its interactive tour planning elements and other tools.



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