Why 50? It’s just a number.

George Duffy

The first job I got in the travel industry, I was well under 50. I worked for a coach tour company that had the tag line, “50 Plus are First With Us”. As a young man, this strongly implied that coach tours were for “old” people, definitely not for me. It was a bit of ageism back when that was more acceptable.

The reality, then as now,  is that age 50 is just a number. I’ve made more active holidays for people on the high side of 50 than I have for people under 50, so far. But travel options have changed as more people travel.

I thought it would be fun to focus on 50 not as an age, but as a number of experiences in travel. 50 countries, 50 cities, 50 states, 50 national parks, 50 beaches, 50 hikes, 50 rivers, 50 bike trips, 50 food adventures, 50 wildlife species, etc. That should keep anyone busy.

I invite you to follow me by monthly newsletter with Mailchimp or just get notices when new posts are added on Word Press reader as I start adding travel experiences I think are worth having. (See Side Bar) Some will be my own trips but others I will draw from other sources like guest travel writers. or interviews with interesting people.

Today’s Canadian Travellers Want More

Today’s tours are are no longer just 50 seats on a big bus. (Read this article to learn more.) You are not pigeon holed by age and there is really a lot more choice. You can see that by watching the videos on this website.

I’ve chosen to feature tour companies on my website that in my opinion as offer the best choices for different types of travellers. I don’t include the big bus and cruise companies because quite honestly they don’t really fit with my own sense of what it means to be a traveller, not a tourist.

Yes, this video is me. I was asked to make some comments while on a visit to Yucatan, Mexico and they made this video. This little place is fairly easy to get to, but about a million miles away from the hustle of the Mayan Riviera and Cancun. They have access to one of the best Mayan archeological sites you can see anywhere.

There are no pre-made packages but you can call me to help you with this, or trips like this, if it appeals to your inner explorer. You can add it on to a Mexican beach vacation, if you allow 3 or 4 days.

You may or may not like this place or have entirely different tastes. That’s really the whole point.

Private Package Pricing For Canadians Only

Canadians love to travel and they also love a great price. So I do think it makes sense to use the best of the mass market services to get pricing where you want it, like airfares, resorts and even all-inclusives. But Since many people want more personalisation in their travel we make sure also you get add-on trips, local visits, and other special interest items for you. In fact this idea has even been adopted by Flight Centre under the Better Beach brand.

Whatever the final choices, I set up individualized programs, delivered by high quality suppliers directly to you without the so called middleman. This makes the prices for private tours and packages very competitive with many prepackaged programs.

I  offer the service to private individuals and other interested groups directly. These are only available from me to Canadians.

The Business

Working with tour operators around the globe, I’ve created customised programs for many different organizations: schools, universities, clubs, associations and retail travel agencies.

I now power my travel business as an Independent member of Flight Centre (IFC), one of the world’s largest host travel companies. This gives you access to great pricing advantages, choice, great customer service and financial security. IFC provides you with greater flexibility than the rigid, impersonal world of online booking where the mistakes you make are all on you. I will cover off all the details you need to be aware of before you travel so you are prepared.

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