Tambopata Peru

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This is the ecolodge in Tambopata Peru that started our journey into the world of remote, natural destinations has continually kept true to the values of ecotourism. This is a true destination lodge being the only place of human settlement within the national reserve in Peru. It is the most secluded lodge in the Peruvian Amazon rain forest.

I’ve spent a lot of time scouting about wild places and while I cannot say one is better than another, there is something very special about the whole trip to Tambopata Research Centre. It can’t be approached like other destinations because it’s just very remote. Yet, it is easily accessible by the river, one of the many tributaries of the mighty Amazon which finds its source high in the Andes. The trip makes you slow down a lot and let’s you shed the world of humans to reach into the very heart of the living planet.

There are certainly other lodges, even river cruises in the Amazon. Maybe it was because it was my first, but I don’t think so. This place is one of only a very few on the planet that actively engages guests in projects that are being conducted by scientists. It is also near the sight of one of the world’s largest known clay licks. The clay lick attracts a great number of tropical birds that feed here every morning. You can witness this spectacle easily by getting up early and having a quick snack with the other guests and then heading out on the river to the viewing beach.

wired amazon

To find best ways to experience this incredible place contact me here. I’ll talk you into it. And you’ll come back changed.

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